Our History

Our two founders, Pastors Patrick Oweru and James Mukiibi, had been helping orphans before but set up the Home (God's Love Home GLH) in 2007 in a rented building and started to build alongside. Mr Mukiibi, a graduate Physics Teacher, taught in international schools sending back part of his salary thus funding the home while Pastor Oweru oversaw the project. In 2012 tragically Pastor Oweru died and Mr Mukiibi had to leave his school. The project faced disaster but some friends overseas enabled the project to be on the Global Giving website. From the start he has had a flexible model with roughly half the 40 children with local guardians (who take the child into their family and are supported) and half in the Home.

A major expense was the school fees for the 40 children so a small school (God's Love School, GLS)was started to provide a Christ-centered education and, from the fees for surplus places, to financially support the home. Classes were small due to the limited size of the rooms. Originally the plan was for the children to leave at the end of Primary (roughly aged 13) but you cannot love children for years and then cast them off so Mr Mukiibi started a small vocational unit (GLV) where the girls lived with their teacher, learning dressmaking and hairdressing skills. In addition there were ex pupils in secondary and further education, the costs increased rapidly. Over 30 have, over the years, moved on into independent living and Mr Mukiibi keeps in loose contact with them.

GLS classes were too small to be effective so a plot was bought and a two storey block planned under the supervision of an engineer from Australia. The bottom floor was finished, and used by the top 4 classes, in 2016 and the top floor in 2020. We have now had two classes leaving after the final government exam with splendid results; all students achieved one of the top two grades. The final fitting out of the top floor remains to be done.

A small but vibrant church meets on Sunday in one of the classrooms.