Our Team

Pastor James Mukiibi


I am James Mukiibi born in 1982 to a poor farming family, my father died 6 days before I was born. My Mother managed to support me through primary school but I got scholarships through Secondary School and a Government scholarship through University to get my BA(Ed). Living simply on my scholarship I managed to support one orphan and also pass a Pastor's Diploma.

In 2007 I was the only survivor when my class got hit by a lorry; 25 students died. With the $4000 compensation I built a house for my mother and started to build on a plot in Kibwa. Patrick and I founded a church and also a home for poor and destitute children. ( GLH). I went to Tanzania to raise money for the children and the rest is in the History. There have been big problems but God has been so faithful. I live about 300 yards from GLH My present role currently is Teaching as well as foreseeing the day today business at the GLH and GLS.

Julius Busobozi

Head Teacher

Excellent classroom primary teacher with over 10 years in teaching maths and science in upper primary class level (p.7, 6,5 ). He has had a brief overseas experience working with the children in the UK. Diploma in Primary Education, Childhood development courses, Community work certificates.

Justus Abitegeka


Qualified primary teacher teaching in maths/science with a certificate in primary Education. He is studying Diploma during the school holidays and has nearly completed.

Matron Nabasirye Sylvia


Lovely person with certificates in child care management, Health services and huge experience in child care - She has been with us for over 10 years. Matron looks after the children and buys the food. She has an assistant (Margaret Namuyobya ) who cooks. Meals in the week are a tasty beans and posho but there is more special food including meat or fish at the weekend.